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5.0 star rating Dawn from San Francisco, California


Last night was the first Pink concert I've been to. She is an amazing performer! Rushing out to buy her new CD!

5.0 star rating Yvette Ennis from Fresno, California


This was my first time seeing Pink in concert. Even though our seats were not the greatest we were able too see everything. She was absolutely amazing. I have never seen a show like the one she put on last night. She is my favorite performer.I love love loved her back up dancers and even more her back up singers mad props to everyone that made that show spectacular I have been to many concerts in my day and this was by far the best one I have been to. I love you PINK.

5.0 star rating Riki from Las Vegas, Nevada


My favorite concert before I saw Pink was Prince. Pink is absolutely amazing. My daughters gave me Pink tickets for Christmas and the 3 of us went together. Best concert ever!!

5.0 star rating Amanda Waddington from Dallas, Texas


Getting to go to see pink was a dream come true me and my niece had the best time ever. We had amazing seats, It was the best night of my life! Pink never disappoints.. Thank you American Airlines

5.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


To understand a performer's talent you really have to see them live. It is so easy today to manipulate audio in a sound booth. Add to that, when you have a performer like Alecia Moore (aka P!NK) who obviously loves performing live, and seems to relish doing some of the very difficult, and yes, at times scary acrobatics that she has in her act then you really have something special. Her voice is real, not lipsynced, which is obvious by how she will suddenly say something in a song, even when she is doing some incredible things in the air. Her heart is so true when she interacts with the audience, who she makes you understand she loves as much as they love her. Her messages in her songs also really come out when she sings them live. You can tell how much they mean to her. And her poor husband Corey, will the guy ever go a full concert without getting at least one jab thrown his way, but you can tell by her ribbing she really loves her man and family. FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Mary Moran from Dallas, Texas


What a concert. Went with my daughter and we both loved it! She is so entertaining. Highly recommend seeing her in concert. Seats were awesome. P!nk rocks!!

5.0 star rating Sabra L. Ray from Dallas, Texas


I had a great seat in a front row but even if I had not, both big screens were great to watch. PINK and her performers put on a show that is one of the best I have ever seen. She is very connected to the audience and goes out of her way to talk to people and touch hands. The sets, the costumes and the dancing were all extremely professional and dazzling. If you were wavering about seeing PINK, don't because it is a performance you do NOT want to miss. Her voice is strong, her message is strong and her acrobatics are a true delight to watch. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW! The venue is wonderful with plenty of food and drink vendors with something to please everyone. Bathrooms are clean and have attendants who are constantly wiping down and replenishing supplies. Parking is ample but the trains and busses come almost to the door. It was a MAGICAL evening!

5.0 star rating Lissa K. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


My husband and I traveled down to Philadelphia to see PINK from Watertown, NY. I absolutely adore her! She was AMAZING! She is beautiful inside and out! My favorite part was to see how connected she was to her fans...she definitely loves what she does and it shows in her performance! Can't wait to see her again!!

5.0 star rating Marya Withers from Boston, Massachusetts


Pink’s show is a do not miss!! Absolutely spectacular. The songs, voice, dancing, technical stage productions ... so creative and wildly entertaining. Bring a power bar - you will need the energy to keep up!!

5.0 star rating Molly from Boston, Massachusetts


She was absolutely incredible, best concert ever. She puts on an awesome show and her acrobatics were stunning. I love her and will see her again. She engaging with the audience, and a couple of kids gave her gifts and she made sure to thank and hug them. She was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Tine from Toronto, Ontario


One of the best concerts i've been too.

5.0 star rating Jaime Hernandez from Jacksonville, Florida


I remember my first concert in '85, WASP and Ironmaiden what a show that was and I have been to many many concerts all over the US and I can say last nights P!NK concert lived up to my expectations, on par with the old large production shows. As a father of 4 girls and a son I am grateful for PINKs vision and professionalism. And double KUDOS for her message on love and homage to those who are persecuted for being uniquely human. This is the concert to see this year!

5.0 star rating Dawn from Jacksonville, Florida


SPECTACULAR !!!! What a way to spend my 50th birthday. Long time fan and was always apprehensive about spending the $$$ to see her live......NOT ANY MORE! I will always attend her concerts. I can now see why people see her during every tour and multiple times. OVER THE TOP!!!!!

5.0 star rating Rose from Charlotte, North Carolina


Last nights concert was truly magical. It contained everything including athleticism, dancing, musicality, vocally outstanding and pure entertainment. To top it all, is how kind she is and truly appreciative of her fans. Best concert I’ve ever been to.

5.0 star rating Hotsy Malone from Nashville, Tennessee


From the stage to the set, costumes, dancers this was one of the best productions I've seen in a long time. P!nk was incredible, vocally strong, energetic, seemed to love being in Nashville. She gave the spectators something to remember and talk about for a long time!!!

5.0 star rating Bonnie from Birmingham, Alabama


I haven't been to a concert in a while, and I'm so glad I picked Pink. If you're in need of a live concert, I highly recommend her show. Loved the acrobatics! She did not disappoint!

5.0 star rating Robert from Dallas, Texas


I have seen many concerts, maybe 50 since the 70's until now. Until March 24th, 2019 in Dallas. Until then I was certain the Fleetwood Mac right after Christine McVie returned a few years ago was the best ever and it was an amazing Rock Show. Last night PINK just blew all others away. From Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, I have even been to Texas Jams, not really much Pop for me but Pink my dear "So What", You're Still a Rock Star... Thank You!

5.0 star rating GMac from Vancouver, British Columbia


I’m a music fan, more blues rock but came to the show with my wife and 13 year old boy. What a show, if you’re on the fence about going to see her GO she is awesome!!

5.0 star rating Tracey from Vancouver, British Columbia


Absolutely Amazing concert! Pink is an inspiration to all young girls and women. She is the real thing! I would go see her again in a heartbeat!

5.0 star rating Rob & Michele Rounds from Vancouver, British Columbia


For a complete and very accurate review see the review done in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper (online). The singing was great; the pageantry of the artwork, fireworks and stage props was magical; the aerial work and acrobatics were amazing and all the musicians and performers were on the top of there game. My wife and I have seen 36 live concerts over the last ten years from Elton John to Maroon Five to Coldplay and this concert tops the list. Can wait till the next one.

5.0 star rating Dan from New York, New York


There is nothing like her shows, hands down amazing!

5.0 star rating from Portland, Oregon


Wish I could give her 10 stars! My sister has seen her three times and tried to explain how good this would be - but I was still blown away!! I knew alot more of her songs than I thought I would - I will see her again and again!

5.0 star rating Linda M. from Louisville, KY


My niece took me to see PINK as a birthday gift. I will be 73 & I totally enjoyed the evening. Best concert I've ever seen & seats on the rail were great. Didn't have anyone standing in front of us.

5.0 star rating from Akron, Ohio


Amazing! I have been fortunate enough to have seen this show twice in the last year. Unbelievable. If you want to feel good see P!nk in concert. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life and this takes the cake. High energy, crowd interaction, and great stage show all make for an event to remember. The Schottenstein Center is very easy to access from all directions. Being part of the OSU campus there are tons of places to eat in the area. As well as things to do and see. We had a great day from start to finish. I would recommend parking in one of the smaller paid lots down the street to avoid minor traffic issues. Ours was only $10 and we pulled right out after the show. So in conclusion see P!nk in concert. You will not be disappointed!!!

5.0 star rating Judith Lamb from New York, New York


Just came back from the 5/22/2019 P!nk concert at Madison Square Garden. I purchased my one ticket (didn't want to spend time organizing a group and I wanted good seats) in October 2018. The concert was worth the wait. While singing her gorgeous lyrics to her fabulous music, P!nk dances and performs aerobatics which show off her eight years of formal gymnastics training. It's amazing that she can simultaneously sing and perform such physical feats. I trust her so much as an artist, that I spent big bucks on her show without hearing any of her new songs. As i expected, they did not disappoint. In fact, I can't think of one P!nk song that I don't like. As to be expected of an artist of such a high caliber, her backup singers, musicians and dancers/acrobats are also wickedly awesome. And she does real encores. I can't remember the last time a singer did that. P!nk--the hardest working woman in show biz!

5.0 star rating Charlene Rathgeb from Toronto, Ontario


What a talent this performer absolutely incredible voice, unbelievable dancing and acrobatics, and you can just tell what a beautiful human being she is. I was awed by the entire production (and it IS a production). Loved her before, love her even more now. A must see! I will go to every concert she schedules near me from this point on. Thanks for making me feel sooooo good Pink, you are spectacular.

5.0 star rating Jeager from Toronto, Ontario


the best show I have ever seen , she is amazing , great voice , great presence she never stops and she seems so down to earth and what a smile omg I love her .. I didn't care for her headliners .. DJ guy was good , piano guy was good but not for this type of venue kinda put me to sleep ..but when Pink came on stage she rocked it .. loved loved loved this show . did not like that she did not take the stage till after 9PM

5.0 star rating Maze from Toronto, Ontario


I went with my mom. When I got the tickets I cried. Not out of joy, but sadness. I didn´t want those tickets. They were stupid and I didn´t want to go to some stupid Pink concert at all. But after Pink cancelled the show and made me wait another year to go I got really excited. I went with my mom. Over that year long wait I had almost every Beautiful Trauma song word for word in my head. I had never known that SHE was the one who sang Just Give Me A Reason and that was one of my favourite songs as a kid. (I used to sing it to my chickens while I was out getting the eggs). And today, nearly half a year later, I´m glad I went. Pink is, and always will be, one of my favourite artists. And that concert, the one I thought was stupid, a waste of my moms money, and a really shitty birthday gift, turned out to be one of the most amazing nights of my life.

5.0 star rating Eddie from Cincinnati, Ohio


You will not be disappointed she is beyond a doubt one of the best performers of this decade, also the show has fantastic opening acts, ( Grouplove, Kidcutup, and Brandi Carlie❣️

5.0 star rating Deb from Portage, IN


I am 60 years old and FINALLY I was able to see P!NK in concert after being on my bucket list for so long and she DID NOT disappoint! BEST CONCERT EVER (even if she didn't play my fave song "Beautiful Trauma")! Her daughter Willow also stole the show when she joined her mom on stage, such a sweet moment!! You are missing out if you don't ever see her perform live so find the next city she is performing and GO!!!

5.0 star rating Jen from Omaha, Nebraska


In 100 degree heat Pink put 100% in to giving her fan an amazing show. She still wore what must have been oppressive leather jackets and outfits, giving us fans an incredible performance. Her whole crew, band, singers, dancers, and supporting acts gave their all. Definitely well worth it, and must see!

5.0 star rating Larry from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Pinks concert at citizen bank park in Philadelphia was fantastic! Wish I could rate it 10 or 100 stars She was so full of energy and humor through the entire show (a bit over two hours..and don’t get me started on when she flew around the arena on wires to greet her fans in the back! It was my first time seeing her I have been a super fan for over a decade now..def worth the price of the ticket money for the experience..she really does care about her fans and you don’t see that with a lot of performers

5.0 star rating Angie Kirby from Nashville, Tennessee


PINK did not disappoint - she is amazing ! Best concert I have ever been to !!!! Exiting the stadium was a complete nightmare . So many safety concerns . Mass exit by everyone , pushing , shoving with thousands of people trying to walk down several flights of steps outside with no railing. . I witnessed at least 7 people that had fallen due to poor lighting , no assistance from anyone directing the flow of folks . I will see PINK again and again but not at this stadium 😳😳

5.0 star rating Wendy from South Carolina


Flew from SC to TN for PINK and she did not disappoint. She was phenomenal!! Exceeded my expectations. This was definitely the best concert I've ever been to. PINK interacts with her fans and is genuine and down to earth. The venue on the other hand was a 1 star due to parking. There was a huge disconnect and disorganization. Took 1 1/2 to get a ride from uber even though we pre-ordered early. That was a nightmare.

5.0 star rating Valerie Reed from Carlsbad, California


I am certain that I have never seen anything like Pink’s concert at Snap Dragon stadium before. From the minute she hit the stage she was engaging, energetic, inventive, fun, and seemingly entirely genuine. And, that voice! Unbelievable! The dancers, the fireworks, the acrobatics, the awesome band, the duet with Brandi Carlisle, who was also awesome as the opening act, made for a very special evening in San Diego. I can’t wait to go to another Pink concert.

5.0 star rating Riki from Phoenix, Arizona


P!nk is simply the best. She is so fan friendly and and puts on the greatest show. My girlfriend and I wore shirts that my daughter made, mine said, "P!nk UR my hall pass" and my girlfriends said, "Take Him"!. The crowd was energetic and it was a fun, memorable evening.

5.0 star rating Elizabeth DeFronzo from Sacramento, California


Pink is a fabulous performer! She obviously gives her all when she is on that stage. She is so engaged with the audience as well as her crew. So much fun, she really is a fuc#in’ rockstar My seats were awful, in Section 221 which in my opinion shouldn’t have been used due to the horrible echo and poor sound quality. Not to mention only being able to see the back of the stage. Golden 1 Center should rethink their seating plan due to the downright awful sound and low visibility. I paid over $500 for my tickets and feel I should have at least been able to understand her when she spoke. I have been to countless concerts in my life and PINK and her crew put on what I consider to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I would highly recommend seeing PINK live she is absolutely 🤩 ❤️🤩

5.0 star rating Becky W from Kansas City, MO


P!NK was wonderful as always, but everyone was waiting for Grouplove to finish and playing games on their phones. The energy in crowd went to zero. Seriosly - wtf?

5.0 star rating Johanne côté from Moncton NB


I love Pink I saw her in Toronto and last night in Montreal I was on the floor and I love it I dance like crazy wow you could feel her energy and the arena was full of love she's a people person and you could see it .and when she spin in the air we go crazy .what a voice.i love it when she said merci . I will never forget it she's #1 to me and her stage gang to . I could see her doing the supper bowl.thank you for coming in Montreal

5.0 star rating Helle from Copenhagen, Denmark


What an incredible show in MSG last night! I came over from Copenhagen just for this show. P!nk absolutely delivered an outstanding performance. Epic!

5.0 star rating Gail Shenker from Montreal, Quebec


I have been to over 30 concerts. Pink is an amazing singer and so gutsy to do the acrobatics. Her band,dancers and backup singers were fantastic. I would pay to see her again. PINK IS UNDERATTED. She is beautiful inside and out.

5.0 star rating Deanna from Indianapolis, Indiana


My daughter and I were just blown away! I am 68 and have been to lots of concerts, but NOTHING like this. You could see, feel and hear Pink's appreciation and love for her audience, acknowledging birthdays, anniversaries and the moving acceptance of friendship bracelets made by and given to her by a young fan. Her energy, talent and enthusiasm were amazing. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her as a parent, person, and performer. It was a magical evening and worth every penny my wonderful husband spent for us to go!

5.0 star rating ROSANNE CATANZARO from Boca Raton, Florida


This was the first time that I saw P!NK in concert. She played at the Amerant Arena in Sunrise, Florida on 11-15-2023. That night we experienced a Torrential Rainstorm which delayed the opening of her show. But when she did come on stage she didn't hold back and performed her hit song with a BANG! She performed flawlessly! Her voice is strong, authentic and her backup performers were terrific! Her band members Rock so hard that hearing each of them play their instruments was awesome! P!NK's aerobics and gymnastics were absolutely amazing! She sang all of her hit songs and also songs from her new album Trustfall. At the end she flew around the sold out arena sang and waived at all her loving fans! We LOVE P!NK and her music! BRAVO on giving your fans a wonderful and memorable concert performance! Five Stars!!!

4.5 star rating Rich from Salt Lake City, Utah


That was an amazing show. Her vocals are spectacular. Her band, back-ups, dancers all did great. Of course her acrobatics was something else. The “MC” was somewhat kind of funny but went on too long in my opinion. Put him on for about 1/4 his allotted time and it would have been perfect….meaning we would have had her for another song or two. This is especially because everyone there was so excited to see Alecia Moore aka P!NK, as much as possible as she really is a superstar and there are so many people who really adore her beyond words….. wanting as much time seeing her as possible. Whenever she showed up on stage after the MC did his thing, the cheering and excitement was HUGE. She really is an amazing presence and I really respect her so much as she does sing…. no lip syncing from that girl whatsoever.

4.0 star rating Deb from Edmonton, AB


My GF's and I flew in from Edmonton. Her vocals are incredible. The show was great. Very entertaining. Wish she would have sang more tho. She didn't come on until after 9. The show was short of 2hrs. The DJ guy that opened was ok , but it dragged on way too long.

4.0 star rating Shae H. from Denver, Colorado


Before I hear a bunch of criticism for my review, let me make this clear...SHE IS MY IDOL!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!! With that being said, here is my HONEST review of last nights show. I think the show was great! I mean's P!nk!!! Can there be a bad show with her??? However, I paid 600.00 for my ticket and I cannot say that last nights performance was worth the money I spent! I was front row and it still wasn't worth that kind of money! I was in the Pit at her Truth About Love Tour a few years ago and THAT WAS THE CONCERT and PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME in my opinion! So much so that I was willing to spend 600.00 to see her up close again this concert. She had a different energy last night. She may be coming down with something. Who knows. She was short of breath, distracted and forgetting lyrics a few times and she just seemed a bit off from her norm. The stage was cool but her costumes were a bit odd. She just seemed like she was somewhere else in her mind than here! Tired??

3.0 star rating Brandi from Louisville, Kentucky


The Pink concert was amazing, she preformed her heart out and was having so much fun, Whit powerful energy. But the yum centers mic & videosystem was not working properly we were not able to actually hear anything that pink said and her mic was turned down so low it was hard to hear her sing! And the video screen plane was in a mirror image all words backwards!! Very Disappointed!!

3.0 star rating Julia Brown from Cincinnati, Ohio


Pink was perfect. Great American Ball Parks sound system sucked. Could barely hear Pink or the warm ups. I want a redo.

3.0 star rating Lin from Los Angeles, California


The sound system was not working. You could not hear the lyrics or what she was saying. The sound system did a disservice to Pat Benatar and the DJ as well. I was so looking forward to this concert for just about a year. Very Disappointed.

3.0 star rating Cece from Los Angeles, California


Pink's concert at SoFi Stadium on Oct 5th was a memorable and electrifying experience filled with her trademark energy and showmanship. However, the disappointing sound quality marred what could have been a perfect night. Here's hoping that future events at SoFi Stadium will address these sound issues to provide fans with the full Pink experience they deserve.

3.0 star rating Michelle aka Miche from Montreal, Quebec


The only reason I'm giving a 3 not bc of P!nk's performance, she was spectacular, as was her band & dancers. The venue, seating was horrible, I paid a huge amount to sit in front of monitors & speakers with zero warning. The stage is so high up combined with the stacks of monitors & speakers at my chest & head, I couldn't see much of the concert. I missed major moment & was really sad. The person sitting beside me didn't have mobility issues, I did. Her & a gal from TO helped me, I was so grateful. This was my bucket list & my 1x seeing 1 of my most favorite humans. I've always been in hospital when she was in town. I wasn't about to miss this 1 even if St. John's Ambulance wanted to take me out. I said no, they came + got me after the show which I was so grateful. I was in such massive pain I couldn't stand so a huge thank you 2 all & the woman behind me who was an angel. If I was to do it again I'd get a different seat not $2,500 either. I have incurables & wanted this 2 be special.

3.0 star rating Patricia White from Orlando, Florida


PINK is an awesome performer and I was so excited to see her. She has the most amazing voice BUT something was really off on the sound. We could not understand anything speaking or singing it was all muddled. As I read through reviews there is a common thread that the sound was terrible. So don’t know if it is all Venue location or is this from her sound equipment??? Ticket costs were so high and that is for 2nd level seating where maybe she wasn’t as clear to the eye but the SOUND at a pop concert should at least be clear to the ear! I would request a refund if I knew from who. Performance top notch for physical presence and high flying stunts but 0 for sound quality!!!

1.0 star rating Cynthia Smith from Toronto, Ontario


I gave this only 1 star because of the venue. Seating in the upper level due to ticket costs, the acoustics were terrible. Could not understand anything that Pink said when she spoke. She put on an excellent show and is super talented but very disappointed that we couldn’t enjoy the concert 100%. Will never go to the Roger Center again for a concert.

1.0 star rating Michelle T from Cincinnati, Ohio


I drove 11 hours from NJ to Cincinnati OH to see PINK on 7/26/23. It was TERRIBLE. I was seated in Area 509. Row N. Seat 7. The ENTIRE concert was an echo. I was unable to understand the lyrics. The sound was too low. Many people in the same area complained they could not understand her talking or singing due to the echo and the low volume of the speakers. I would like a refund due to it made it a really terrible experience of a concert I was so looking forward to. My time. Travel. And money. Was NOT worth it because I could not understand what she was singing or saying. Anyone could have been up there and sang and it would not have made much difference. PINKs crew had the responsibility to make sure every seat in the house had a great experience. If the crew sat where I was, they would have noticed the echo, low sound and could have made adjustments. Or may mean less money if they carved out those areas due to poor sound and quality. Really disappointed.

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


We saw P!nk at Citi Field in NYC and had the same experience as some other reviewers. We were in the upper level and the sound was awful. You couldn't even hear her when she was just speaking. I paid $164 for the tickets and it was not worth it. I still love P!nk and she put on an amazing show if only I could have heard it.

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